Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Marianne's pizza at Burlington shopping center critic

Ok so i went shopping at Burlington flee market.I bought a musical piano well about the food now there was a really cool pizzeria called Marianne 's pizza.So we stopped and i ordered a slice of plane pizza.At first cite i knew it was fresh the way i saw the lady take it out of the oven cut it up and put it on the plate and handed it to us.And for 4 people it was cheep.As i took my first bite my teeth sunk into the saucy cheezy goodness.And it felt like haven,there was just the right amount of sauce and fresh cheese the was no mess up with the order.It was perfect.If you want a quick and fresh and hot good pizza i want you to go there!


Friday, June 1, 2012

Angelos pizza critic

Ok not much bad to say about this.First the good it came here very fast it was still warm.I had ordered a hamburger with pickles and ketchup they put way too much ketchup on it and forgot my pickles.On Joe's
it had too many onions and on my dad's they forgot his cheese.The boardwalk fries were perfect in my perspective.In my rating 9 and one half if your hungry and you want something good to eat order form angelos.
I give this a good rating.

                                       <3 Alexarae